Art and Craft – Shimla

Art and Craft Shimla

The greatest example of the Culture of Shimla is the handworks of its people. You can check out the Thapada and Kohana- two styles of embroidery, bamboo items made by the Dom tribe. Apart from this Shimla also provides you its unparallel art of metal, stone and wood crafting. The Shimla arts and crafts are highly in demand by the tourists. They range from excellent pieces of jewelry, embroidered shawls and garments to leather made articles and sculptures. Shimla is full of Pine and Deodar trees. The wood has been extensively used in all major buildings of Shimla. The various kinds crafts of Shimla made out of wood include small boxes, utensils, image carvings and souvenirs.

The paintings in Shimla bear the deep artistic insight of the people there. The Shimla art bears the testimony of the rich culture and tradition of Shimla. The art of carpet making of Shimla is a great attraction for the tourists. Different floral and other motifs make these carpets look really very beautiful. The wool from the sheep is used to make blankets and rugs. The embroidered stuffs include handkerchiefs, hand fans, gloves, caps, etc.

Being a tourist destination, the most buyers of these items are tourist. One should make sure to visit places like lakkar bazaar in shimla famous for its art and craft work. Booking a best hotel in Shimla was a big task earlier. Now we have some good hotels like Sukhsagar Regency which provide online booking facility. So if you are planning to make your stay mesmerizing, book Sukhsagar Regency which will provide different packages with travel facility to make sure you cover every single corner of Shimla and enjoy its scenic beauty and rich cultural history.

The arts and crafts of Shimla have that traditional touch in it. Among others, the shawls of Shimla are very well known for their fine quality. The leather craft of Shimla comprises shoes, slippers and belts. The other arts and crafts of Shimla include a huge collection of beaded and metal jewelry. This intricately designed jewelry bear the hallmark of the artistic craftsmanship of the Shimla designers.

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